WickedFlow Warranty Policy

WickedFlow Warrants that all Exhaust Products are devoid of defects. The majority of our exhaust products are warranted against blowing out packing/walls and faulty material for as long as the initial purchaser possesses the vehicle onto which the product was originally installed. The warranty becomes null and void if the exhaust product was not appropriately installed on the vehicle for which it was intended.

This warranty excludes any exhaust products installed on commercial or racing vehicles, or those that have been improperly installed, modified, or subjected to misuse or damage from accidents. Moreover, labor costs and any additional parts needed to complete the installation of a replacement product are not covered by this warranty.

To make a claim for replacement, you must email, providing proof of purchase, a picture of the product, and explaining the issue. If approved the original exhaust product must be returned to the provided address stated in the response email and exchanged for a new exhaust product with the same part number.

No other warranty, whether expressed or implied (including merchantability), applies to the exhaust product, and neither any individual nor dealer is authorized to assume any other warranty. The manufacturer bears no responsibility for any consequential damages resulting from the exhaust product, or for any inconvenience or interruption in operation.

This warranty grants you specific legal rights, and you may also possess other rights that vary from state to state.

Performance Mufflers: Limited Lifetime Warranty against Manufacturing Defects

Exhaust Tips: Limited Lifetime Warranty against Manufacturing Defects

Polish: WickedFlow's Limited Lifetime Warranty does not cover the shine, polish, or look of the exhaust product.

Powder Coating: WickedFlow's Limited Lifetime Warranty does not cover powdercoating

Sound: WickedFlow’s Limited Lifetime Warranty does not cover the quality of the “sound” emitted by the particular exhaust product. Sound varies based on many factors, including, other exhaust components (such as converters), engine and vehicle performance modifications, and engine modding, flashing, changing (tuning).

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(Typically 1-2 business days)